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MaAOHN is proud to acknowledge the contributions of Fran Gerroir RN, BS to our state and local organization. Fran began her nursing career at Lawrence Memorial Hospital in 1979 and officially joined the Occupational Health world in 1999. A member of AAOHN since 2003, Fran has served as a Director and Treasurer of North of Boston (NOB) for many years. more...

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Here is what has been recently added to the website:

New notice from the Mass Board of Nursing: Advisory Ruling on the Management of Pain (Dec 2014)

In 2015, the NEAOHN will be celebrating its 100th Birthday at the AAOHN National Conference here in Boston March 23-26th. It is an excellent opportunity for MaAOHN members to participate through attendance at the conference. A highlight of the celebration, will be the "History of NEAOHN" display during the AAOHN Foundation reception. MaAOHN's own history will be on display - after all, it was the thirteen Massachusetts Industrial Nurses who first met in 1915 to form what is today NEAOHN. We have a Letter to Industry explaining this celebration. Feel free to share with your employers so that they may be able to support your efforts to attend some or all of the conference. There are many ways to contribute. For further information about the conference see the Events Page. (Nov 2014)

President's Message page: As 2014 draws to an end, we can look back on our many accomplishments: ... More (Nov 2014)

New notice from the Mass Board of Nursing: Regulations regarding Hydrocodone-Only Extended Release Medications that are not in an Abuse Deterrent Form (Oct 2014)

Members Resources page: 2014 Infectious Disease Update by Alfred DeMaria, Jr., M.D. from a recent NOBAOHN meeting (Sep 2014)

Members Resources page: Respiratory Protection Education & Resources Webkit The resources available with the educational module make this a webpage that is one-stop shopping for 'everything' respiratory protection. (Aug 2014)

Two new notices from the Mass Board of Nursing: New Regulations Implemented Governing APRN Practice and Information Regarding New APRN Category of Clinical Nurse Specialist (Aug 2014)



Message from Sheila Litchfield about foot care advisory

As a member of the Mass. BORN Nursing Practice Advisory Panel (NPAP), I'd like to take the opportunity to remind our nurses that doing foot care is and has been considered within the scope of nursing practice when conducted by nurses educated in the subject. The NPAP had considered dropping the attached advisory on foot care, however we determined that too many nurses are unaware that foot care is within their scope of practice. The advisory was retained with one minor addition.

Two opportunities for continuing education scholarships

NEAOHN Conference Grant
The purpose of the conference grant is to support NEAOHN members in their pursuit of professional growth and to foster participation within NEAOHN. Four $500.00 grants are offered each year to help defray the cost of the NEAOHN Annual Conference. For the year 2015, this grant will be applied to the AAOHN Conference to be held in Boston, MA. Deadline Application and supporting material must be postmarked no later than January 15, 2015.

One $1000.00 scholarship to provide opportunities to further professional education or certification for occupational and environmental health professionals (bachelor or graduate degree or OHN certification). Deadline Must be received electronically by January 15, 2015

2014 Lifetime Achievement Award:
Pat Travers, ScM, MS, RN, COHN-S, FAAOHN

Pat Travers was highlighted as our MaAOHN spotlight this year, for her numerous contributions to Occupational Health Nursing. A member of AAOHN since 1982, she was awarded Fellowship In 1984. Many of our own members used her book "A Comprehensive Guide to Establishing an Occupational Health Service" published in 1987 to set up their own Occupational Health Clinics. Pat delivered an excellent presentation "Changing World of Occupational Health Nursing" at AAOHN in Chicago on only a 2-day notice. She sat in on the OSHA Hearings when they were developing the ergonomics language. She has authored over 25 publications in peer-reviewed journals and textbooks on ergonomics, health effects related to occupational exposures and occupational health nursing topics. Pat joined the Digital Equipment Corporation in 1988, which became Hewlett Packard, and where after 25 years, she continues to work as the Global Health & Safety Manager-Global Environment, health & Safety. She Pat's full write up on our website under Previous Spotlights. We are honored to award Pat the Dorothy Hope Reid Lifetime Achievement Award.


2014 Nurse Excellence Award:
Donna Ferreira ANP, COHN-S, FAAOHN

This award recognizes the nurse that possesses leadership qualities, professional integrity and personal growth/humanitarian characteristics consistent with this special recognition. Donna is sought out as a mentor, colleague, supervisor and friend. Her numerous presentations leave her fellow nurses armed with pearls of wisdom and practical applications to improve their own practice. Donna is an avid supporter of nurses for AAOHN certification and encourages involvement in our organization. Donna is always smiling, sharing, caring, and unselfishly contributing to the betterment of MaAOHN and AAOHN. She was awarded AAOHN Fellowship status in 2012 and is a 2013 F.A.M.E. awardee. Donna is currently working as Senior Account Manager at Comprehensive Health Services.


2014 Profiles in Courage Award:
Margaret O'Connor RN, BS, COHN-S, MME

Modeled after our nation's most prestigious awards for public service, MaAOHN honors the action one nurse will take in spite of personal consequences, obstacles and pressures. In 2011, following the letter of the law and her personal ethics, Peg had to make an unpopular decision at her workplace regarding what she perceived to be an infraction of care. A few days later she was relieved of her position. Peg continued to persevere for three years to make every attempt to ensure that this type of infraction would not happen again, and to hold people accountable for their actions. Peg currently works at the Massachusetts Nurses Association as the Associate Director of Health and Safety.


2014 Moore Medical Award:
Sandra Reno RN, BS, COHN-S

Awarded in recognition of a MaAOHN member who has exhibited exemplary performance at the state and local level, and has encouraged continuous improvement in occupational health and professional education. An active member of MaAOHN since 2005, and North of Boston Chapter Member, Sandy recently completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Curry College, and her COHN-S certification for AAOHN. She was a first time presenter at the 2013 NECEOM/MaAOHN Conference on the Medical Surveillance Program for Laboratory Safety. Sandy has been on the NECOEM Planning Committee since 2013, and is the Occupational Health Nurse at Vertex Pharmaceuticals.


A recent email from Pam Carter - President of AAOHN

A recent email from Pam Carter - President of AAOHN to MaAOHN President Gail Carchietta:
"WOW! I was just reading your message (Nov 2013) to the MaAOHN membership and was amazed at all of the activities going on. It is these types of activities that the entire AAOHN membership needs to know are happening." ...... your board of Directors continues to work hard at making MaAOHN current, resourceful and strong. As the New Year approaches please consider becoming more involved... just one task is all it takes. Reach out to your local or state board members !